October 06, 2022

GAO, NAM Release Two-Part Report on AI for Medical Diagnostics

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a technology assessment report, “Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Benefits and Challenges of Machine Learning Technologies for Medical Diagnostics,” Sept. 29. Half of the report included a National Academy of Medicine (NAM) discussion paper, “Meeting the Moment: Addressing Barriers and Facilitating Clinical Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnosis.”

The GAO report describes current and emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for medical diagnoses, product development and adoption challenges, and policy options for agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help address identified challenges. The GAO authors cited several references from the radiology community, including surveys and peer-reviewed papers authored by the American College of Radiology®(ACR®) Data Science Institute®.

The NAM paper focuses on factors influencing medical adoption and use of non-autonomous AI-enabled diagnostic decision support solutions. It was developed independently of the GAO report, however, both documents were bundled as a two-part publication.

For more information, please contact Michael Peters, ACR Senior Director of Government Affairs, Regulatory Policy.