October 05, 2020

Medicare Contractors Seek Input on Proposed LCDs on Facet Joint Interventions

The ACR® Contractor Advisory Committee (CAC) Network continues to track development of a local coverage determination (LCD) for this topic since the May 28 multi-jurisdictional CAC Meeting, to seek advice from subject matter experts to gauge the strength of published evidence on facet joint and medial nerve branch procedures. As a result of this meeting, five out of seven Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) have issued proposed LCDs for this topic and formally invite the medical community to submit comments. This topic is significant for Interventional radiologist and pain management communities. We encourage written comments be submitted by the respective deadline outlined below. In addition to written comments, you may also formally present clinical evidence during the public meeting. If presenting, registration and disclosure forms are required. Physicians should plan to comment on the coverage indications and associated billing and coding guidance.

Proposed LCDs on Facet Joint Interventions for Pain Management

MAC Comment Period Open Public Meeting Proposed LCD
CGS Administrators, LLC 10/8-11/22/2020 10/13/2020 DL38773
National Government Services Inc. 9/24-11/7/2020 10/15/2020 DL35936
Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC 9/24-11/7/2020 10/21/2020 JE - DL38801
JF - DL38803
Palmetto GBA 9/24-11/7/2020 11/2/2020 DL38765
Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation 10/1-12/12/2020 J5 – 10/15/2020
J8 – 10/19/2020

For questions on proposed LCDs or CAC activities please contact Alicia Blakey.