September 28, 2022

CMS Issues ICD-10 Revisions to NCDs Relevant to Radiology

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released Change Request (CR) 12842, which contains coding revisions to various National Coverage Determinations (NCD) relevant to radiology.

Modifications include the following NCDs:

  • NCD 150.3 Bone Density Studies: Medicare administrative contractors (MACs) are instructed to add ICD-10 diagnosis codes Z79.61, Z79.620, Z79.621, Z79.622, Z79.623, Z79.624, Z79.630, Z79.631, Z79.632, Z79.633, Z79.634, Z79.64, Z79.85 effective Oct. 1, 2022.
  • NCD 220.6.20 PET Beta Amyloid for Dementia and Neurodegenerative
    : CMS instructs MACs to end-date ICD-10 diagnosis codes F01.51, F02.81, and F03.91 effective Sept. 30.

CMS also instructs MACs to add ICD-10 diagnosis codes F01.511, F01.518, F01.52, F01.53, F01.54, F01.A0, F01.A11, F01.A18, F01.A2, F01.A3, F01.A4, F01.B0, F01.B11, F01.B18, F01.B2, F01.B3, F01.B4, F01.C0, F01.C11, F01.C18, F01.C2, F01.C3, F01.C4, F02.811, F02.818, F02.82, F02.83, F02.84, F02.A0, F02.A11, F02.A18, F02.A2, F02.A3, F02.A4, F02.B0, F02.B11, F02.B18, F02.B2, F02.B3, F02.B4, F02.C0, F02.C11, F02.C18, F02.C2, F02.C3, F02.C4, F03.911, F03.918, F03.92, F03.93, F03.94, F03.A0, F03.A11, F03.A18, F03.A2, F03.A3, F03.A4, F03.B0, F03.B11, F03.B18, F03.B2, F03.B3, F03.B4, F03.C0, F03.C11, F03.C18, F03.C2, F03.C3, F03.C4 effective Oct. 1.

See Change Request 12842 and MLN Matters article MM12842 for further details, including a full list of affected NCDs.

For more information, please contact Maria Tran, American College of Radiology® Director of Economic Policy.