November 16, 2023

CMS Releases Updated FAQ on JW and JZ Modifiers

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently updated the FAQ for the use of JW and JZ modifiers. Beginning Oct. 1, CMS required the use of JW and JZ modifiers for all claims for drugs from single-use vials or single-use packages payable separately under Medicare Part B. The JW modifier is used to identify any discarded amounts. The JZ modifier is used to attest that there were no discarded amounts. CMS also posted a (non-exhaustive) list of codes subject to the modifier policy.

The American College of Radiology®(ACR®), the Radiology Business Management Association, RadNet, and RayUS met with CMS in September and advocated for the exclusion of imaging contrast agents and radiopharmaceuticals from the JW/JZ reporting requirement. CMS did however indicate the list likely will be updated semi-annually with newly identified codes.

If you have any questions, contact Christina Berry, ACR Team Lead, Economic Policy.