November 10, 2022

ACR Spotlights Lung Cancer Screening FAQ During Monthly Observance

The American College of Radiology® (ACR®) encourages members to access its lung cancer screening FAQ to ensure patients are screened according to the latest guidelines and Medicare coverage requirements. The FAQ page was updated to reflect the latest changes in coverage criteria released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Feb. 10. The criteria, released in a final coverage decision memorandum, expands coverage for low-dose computerized tomography (LDCT) lung cancer screening for certain Medicare beneficiaries. CMS will cover lung cancer screening with LDCT if all eligibility requirements listed in the coverage determination criteria are met.

The ACR updated FAQ addresses key questions, which include:

  •  When does the lung cancer screening with LDCT national coverage determination (NCD) go into effect?
  • Which patients are covered by Medicare for LDCT lung cancer screening?
  • What are the requirements for an order for lung cancer screening with LDCT?
  • What are the requirements for counseling and shared decision-making visits?

Additionally, access the Economics & Billing One-Pager that details economic policy and billing information for lung screening. With more screening, we can eliminate barriers to screening and increase awareness of the benefits of lung cancer care.

For questions, contact Alicia Blakey, ACR Principal Economic Policy Analyst, or email