May 05, 2022

ACR 2022 Attendees Learn How to Build Advocacy in Their State

Attendees at ACR 2022®, the annual meeting of the American College of Radiology® (ACR®), learned firsthand how to develop a successful advocacy program in their states from members who are well-versed in advocacy and a respected government affairs professional.

Organized by the ACR Government Relations team, Building Advocacy in Your State featured Kristen Brackemyre, Director of Political Action Committee and Government Relations for the Public Affairs Council. Ms. Brackemyre gave a broad overview about the importance of physician-led advocacy at the state level. She spoke about the importance of physicians telling their stories to their elected officials and how physician-led advocacy can make a huge difference in moving the needle.

Tilden “Ty” Childs III, MD, FACR, who received the Radiology Advocacy Network (RAN) Advocate of the Year award at the annual meeting, shared what led him to become a radiologist advocate leader in Texas. He also spoke about the advocacy accomplishments of the Texas Radiological Society and gave tips about how radiologists can get involved in their respective states. Dr. Childs encouraged anyone who doesn't know where to start by telling them, "Just show up, because you can be sure the opposition will."

Amy K. Patel, MD, the new RAN Chair, spoke about her advocacy journey and why it is important to start early on in one’s professional career. Dr. Patel shared the importance of relationship building with elected officials and how physician-led advocacy can make a major impact on issues affecting patients and the future of radiology.

If you have questions about how to get involved with advocacy, please contact Melody Ballesteros, ACR Assistant Director of Government Relations, and Dillon Harp, Senior State Government Relations Specialist.