May 02, 2024

Radiology Health Equity Coalition Releases Annual Impact Report

The Radiology Health Equity Coalition (RHEC) released their annual impact report, which details how RHEC’s innovative initiatives are making a difference in medical imaging. Highlights from the report include information on workshops on cervical cancer integration, community education efforts through Communities Crushing Cancer (CCC), the establishment of the Cancer Equity Compass (CEC) project, and cancer screening radio public service announcement campaigns that have reached millions.

The RHEC is a coalition of 46 organizational members convened by the American College of Radiology® (ACR®) that is guided by its core principle that healthcare should be accessible, equitable and compassionate for all. It serves as a unifying force for a diverse community of professionals, experts, advocates and allies. For more information, contact Carla Brathwaite, Team Lead of RHEC.