May 12, 2022

Radiology Advocacy Network Chair Creates RAN Board

The American College of Radiology® (ACR®) recently named Amy K. Patel, MD, to lead the Radiology Advocacy Network (RAN). This change took effect at the conclusion of ACR 2022®, the College’s annual meeting.

Dr. Patel, as her first act as Chair, created a RAN Board. The board will help improve continuity and give the committee structure as it moves into a new era. The RAN Board is comprised of the following positions and members:

  • Chair – Amy Patel, MD
  • Vice-Chair – Monica Wood, MD
  • Communication Officers – Mike Lee, MD and Alex Podlaski, MD
  • RADPAC/Young and Early Career Professional Section (YPS) Liaison – Jennifer Buckley, MD
  • Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) Advocacy Liaison – Fatima Elahi, MD
  • State Government Relations Liaison – Tilden Childs, MD, FACR
  • Immediate Past RAN Chair – David Youmans, MD, FACR
  • State Government Relations Chair – Bonnie Litvack, MD, FACR
  • Members-at-Large – Sarah Avery, MD, FACR, Anand Narayan, MD, Naziya Samreen, MD, Adam Kaye, MD, Mark Yeh, MD, FACR

Dr. Patel and the RAN Board hope to increase advocacy involvement throughout all ACR chapters while providing continued training and resources that can be useful for both state and federal legislative battles. There are several exciting things that RAN is working on, including, but not limited to: advocacy boot camp training, incorporation of med students to RAN,and quarterly communication via an advocacy newsletter.

For more information about RAN, contact Melody Ballesteros, ACR Assistant Director of Government Relations. If you are interested in getting involved in advocacy, please fill out our Become an Advocate Form.