March 03, 2022

ACR Reiterates Need for Stability in Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

The American College of Radiology® (ACR®) authored a letter cosigned by 96 physician and non-physician provider groups Feb. 25, thanking Congress for mitigating scheduled cuts to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, and requesting Congress initiate formal proceedings to consider potential reforms to the Medicare payment system.

The coalition emphasizes the need for systemic reforms to avoid continued Medicare reimbursement reductions that jeopardize patient access to care. They urge lawmakers to convene hearings, roundtables and meetings to examine potential reforms to the current Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and related physician reimbursement systems, highlighting several areas where the current system is simply not working.

Although the letter does not promote or endorse a specific type of reform, the goal is that it can be the foundation for increased engagement on Capitol Hill this year between providers and members of Congress and their staff.

The ACR will continue to lead the effort to avert and/or mitigate onerous Medicare reimbursement cuts to protect patients.

For more information, please contact Megan Marcinko, ACR Senior Government Affairs Director.