June 01, 2023

ACR Opposes Federal Scope Expansion Bill

The American College of Radiology® (ACR®) cosigned a June 1 letter from the American Medical Association to the leadership of the U.S. House Committees on Ways and Means, Energy, and Commerce expressing strong opposition to H.R. 2713, the “Improving Care and Access to Nurses Act,” also referred to as the “I CAN Act.”

The medical associations are concerned this legislation would endanger the quality of care that Medicare and Medicaid patients receive by expanding the scope of practice for non-physician practitioners (NPPs), including nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, certified registered nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists and physician assistants. The bill would allow NPPs to perform tasks and services outside their education and training, resulting in increased utilization of services, increased costs, and lower quality of care for patients.

The legislation currently has 11 bipartisan cosponsors, largely from rural areas in their states. ACR continues to monitor this legislation and will provide updates on any action items needed.

For more information, contact Joshua Cooper, ACR Vice President, Congressional Affairs.