July 28, 2021

Governors Enact Certificate of Need, Telehealth Legislation

Oregon’s governor signs a bill modifying registration fees for radiation devices. Illinois’ governor enacts a measure expanding coverage for telehealth services.

Certificate of Need

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed House Bill (HB) 2075 into law, establishing vendor licenses and annual fees for radiation devices and equipment, including X-ray machines. The law , which took effect immediately, modifies the registration fee for certain radiation devices and equipment from per machine basis to per tube basis, as follows:

  • For a hospital, radiological, chiropractic, osteopathic or medical X-ray tube — $427.
  • For a computed tomography X-ray tube — $600.
  • For a mammography X-ray tube — $800.
  • For a therapy or interventional X-ray tube — $1,000.

The Oregon chapter monitored the bill.


Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker signed HB 3308 into law. The law, which took effect immediately, amends the Illinois Insurance Code by mandating carriers cover healthcare services delivered via telehealth when clinically appropriate. Patient cost sharing would be no more than if the healthcare service was delivered in person. Additionally, carriers are prohibited from requiring in-person contact between a provider and patient before telehealth service. The Illinois chapter monitored the bill.

For more information, please contact Tina Getachew or Eugenia Brandt. To stay current on state legislative developments relevant to radiology, view the American College of Radiology® policy map.