July 29, 2022

ACR-Led Coalition Urges Congressional Action to Mitigate Drastic Medicare Pay Cuts

The American College of Radiology® (ACR®) continues to lead a coalition of physician and non-physician provider organizations to mitigate Medicare reimbursement reductions. Most recently, 104 of those organizations, including the American Medical Association, joined in urging congressional leaders to act swiftly to halt dramatic Medicare cuts that otherwise will take effect in January. The organizations, representing more than one million healthcare professionals and providers, wrote to the lawmakers that the potential 4.5% cut to the Medicare conversion factor would jeopardize the financial stability of many physician and non-physician practices. This cut, combined with an impending 4% payment reduction due to statutory pay-as-you-go requirements, is simply not sustainable. In addition to halting the cuts, the coalition seeks an inflationary update to the fee schedule for 2023 based on the Medicare economic index.

Congress must fix the broken Medicare physician payment system that every year threatens beneficiaries’ timely access to essential healthcare services. The coalition told lawmakers it is ready to work with them to identify policy solutions that ensure long-term stability.

For more information about the impending Medicare payment cuts, contact Rebecca Spangler, Senior Government Relations Director.