July 21, 2020

ACR DSI Publishes AI Use Cases on Protecting Patients During COVID-19

The ACR Data Science Institute® (DSI) has published several new artificial intelligence (AI) non-interpretive use cases to help practices manage the changing workflows related to COVID-19.

Non-interpretive AI algorithms address safety, efficiency and productivity issues, whereas image-interpretation AI aids in identifying a specific finding or making a specific diagnosis. The ACR DSI’s non-interpretive use cases were developed to offer the developer community context — including necessary inputs, outputs and possible corollary features — for protecting patients and radiology teams.

The use cases range from actionable finding follow-up, to surge planning and COVID-19 risk profile assessment.

Several use cases can assist with developing AI algorithms to risk stratify individuals for scheduling in a time of limited clinical availability due to COVID-19.

AI can help during the pandemic by providing technology-enabled solutions at a time when we most need them, according to Alex Towbin, MD, co-chair of the ACR DSI Non-Interpretive Panel. “We encourage the entire community to look for AI solutions to enable us to be proactive in helping patients stay safe,” said Towbin.