July 15, 2021

Draft Report Released About 2022 Medicaid, CHIP Child and Adult Core Sets of Quality Measures

Government contractor Mathematica released a draft report to the Center for Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Services (CMCS) for public comment. The report, Recommendations for Improving the Core Sets of Health Care Quality Measures for Medicaid and CHIP: Summary of a Multistakeholder Review of the 2022 Child and Adult Core Sets, summarizes the proceedings of the 2022 Core Set Annual Review Workgroup that considered seven measures for removal from the core sets and 14 measures to be added. Workgroup members recommended removing four measures and adding seven to the core sets for 2022. The Child and Adult core sets serve as key indicators of the quality of healthcare that Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries receive.

As the American College of Radiology® (ACR®) previously reported, the workgroup proposed inclusion of a colorectal cancer screening measure to support primary care access and preventive care. The new measure focuses on the percentage of patients 50 to 75 years of age who had appropriate screening for colorectal cancer. Inclusion of the ACR-supported measure in the core set received unanimous support from the workgroup.

A final version of the report, including all public comments, will be released in August. CMCS will review the final report to inform decisions about whether and how to modify the 2022 Child and Adult Core Sets. CMCS will release the 2022 Child and Adult Core Sets by Dec. 31.

Public comments may be submitted by email to MACCoreSetReview@mathematica-mpr.com until Aug. 6 at 8pm ET. If submitting comments, please include “2022 Core Set Review Public Comment” in the subject line and specify whether you are commenting as an individual or on behalf of an organization.

The ACR Colon Cancer Committee will submit written comments.

For more information or questions about ACR Colon Cancer Screening resources and activities, contact Alicia Blakey, ACR Sr. Economic Policy Analyst.