June 29, 2023

ACR Advocacy Efforts Highlighted in First Half of 2023

The American College of Radiology® (ACR®) has been actively involved in advocacy efforts that will help improve radiologic care and strengthen healthcare for all. Some highlights from the first half of 2023 include:

Amy Patel, MD, Chair of RAN and RADPAC® (ACRA’s political action committee) participated in numerous meetings, including the Susan G. Komen Advocacy Summit, where she was recognized for her advocacy and fundraising efforts at both the state and federal level.

RAN also launched the RADVOCATE Leader Certificate Program and the Pre-Radiology RAN, which introduces medical students and interns to radiology-related advocacy issues and helps them get involved.

If you are not a member of RAN, sign up to become an advocate. ACRA also offers the RADVOCACY Podcast Hosted by RADPAC, featuring ACR members and guests discussing radiology-related issues. Be sure to also follow RAN and RADPAC on Twitter.

If you are interested in joining ACR advocacy efforts, contact Melody Ballesteros, Assistant Director of Government Affairs. For information about RADPAC, contact Ted Burnes, Senior Director of Political Affairs.