January 19, 2021

HHS Updates Provider Relief Fund Reporting

On Jan. 15, the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that it will be amending the reporting timeline for the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) in light of the passage of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act in late December. This legislation allotted an additional $3 billion to the PRF and includes new language surrounding reporting requirements. As a result, HHS has been working on updating reporting requirements that comply with the new legislation. PRF recipients will be required to submit required reporting requirements on use of their funds at a later date than previously specified.

In the meantime, HHS encourages all PRF recipients that received payments exceeding $10,000 in aggregate to begin registering for the Reporting Portal for which they will ultimately have to report their use of funds. The new submission timeline will be announced in the near future, while the second and final reporting deadline (for PRF uses during the first two quarters of 2021) continues to be July 31, 2021.

HHS has released updated Notice of Reporting Requirements. Additional information on reporting requirements and portal registration can be found online.

HHS has distributed over $115 billion to providers through the General and Targeted Distributions of the PRF program. View a listing of PRF distributions to providers that have accepted the Terms and Conditions of the funds.

American College of Radiology® staff will continue to monitor when HHS releases updated guidance regarding submission dates and future phases of funding.