January 13, 2023

ACR Advocacy Efforts Reclaim $1.6 Billion in Reimbursement for Radiologists

College Working with Allies to Bring Stability to Payment System

The American College of Radiology’s® (ACR®) advocacy efforts to avoid or mitigate payment cuts resulting from a planned change to the Medicare conversion factor reclaimed (saved) $437 million in radiology reimbursement for 2023. In the last three years of fighting these scheduled payment reductions, this reclaimed reimbursement to radiology totaled more than $1.637 billion.

As previously reported in Advocacy in Action, Congress was unable to agree to stopping the full 8.5% adjustment for CY 2023 as urged by ACR and 100 other medical societies, but did mitigate 6.5% of that potential reduction by once again delaying the implementation of a 4% across-the-board cut statutorily mandated pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) provision and adding 2.5% to the 2023 Medicare conversion factor.

Despite the large amount reclaimed from planned cuts, the College and its physician and non-physician colleagues recognize that all stakeholders must continue to work with Congress to enact Medicare payment reform that avoids uncertainty due to such yearly payment fluctuations that neither political party desires.

For more information, please contact Josh Cooper, ACR Vice President, Government Relations.