February 04, 2022

Clarification: ACR Not Involved in UnitedHealthcare Designated Diagnostic Imaging Provider Program

The American College of Radiology® (ACR®) was not involved in the planning, creation or announcement of the new UnitedHealthcare Designated Diagnostic Imaging Provider Program

The UHC program evaluates imaging sites on “quality and efficiency standards,” based on a UHC questionnaire that providers’ fill out themselves, as well as contracted payment amounts. Starting July 1, UHC will offer patients tiered benefits based on their selected providers’ designation

As covered in a Jan. 30 ACR Advocacy in Action e-newsletter item alerting members to the new UHC program, the ACR met with UHC after their announcement to discuss the program, gather details and express initial concerns

Many readers misinterpreted passages in the AIA article and subsequent coverage of the ACR item in Radiology Business Journal to indicate that the ACR was somehow involved in the new program. We are not.

The ACR clarified this in both the AIA item and the RBJ report. We apologize for any confusion members may have experienced regarding this matter.

Additional information about the new UHC program may be found on UnitedHealthcare’s website.

For questions about the UnitedHealthcare Designated Diagnostic Imaging Provider Program, please contact Katie Keysor, ACR Senior Director of Economic Policy.