December 02, 2020

Opt In to Receive State Legislative Updates

American College of Radiology® (ACR®) members can now stay abreast of legislative developments relevant to radiology in their states or other states across the nation by opting in to receive weekly email reports through the an ACR collaboration with FiscalNote, a legislation and regulation tracking service.

The ACR will partner with FiscalNote starting in January 2021 to provide continuous, comprehensive updates on radiology and healthcare-related legislation. The tracking service has helped state chapter leaders monitor legislative developments in their states and has guided the ACR national political advocacy efforts. The Advocacy in Action e-newsletter will continue to feature coverage that links readers to the status of hundreds of tracked bills while state legislatures are in session.

To assist with preparations for 2021 legislative sessions, ACR staff can help facilitate “guest caller” interaction during quarterly State Government Relations Committee discussions on various legislative issues. During the calls, ACR chapter members can communicate with their colleagues to take away important feedback to guide their chapters’ legislative strategy development.

Please contact Eugenia Brandt, ACR Director of State Governmental Affairs at, to opt in for FiscalNote reports or if you have a pressing state legislative/regulatory issue that you would like to highlight for the committee.