December 02, 2021

Ohio's House Advances Breast Cancer Screening Coverage

Ohio’s House of Representatives passes coverage of supplemental breast cancer screening while New Jersey advances a bill that would enter it into the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.

Breast Cancer Screening

The Ohio House of Representatives passed House Bill 371. The bill would expand insurance coverage of supplemental breast cancer screening to include magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound or molecular breast imaging. Insurers would be required to cover:

  • One mammography screening every year, including digital breast tomosynthesis.
  • Supplemental breast cancer screening for an adult woman who meets the following conditions
    • Dense breast tissue, based on the breast imaging reporting and data system established by the American College of Radiology®.
    • Increased risk of breast cancer due to family history, prior personal history of breast cancer, ancestry, genetic predisposition or other reasons as determined by the woman's healthcare provider.

The Ohio Radiological Society supports the bill.

Physician Compact

In New Jersey, Senate Bill 523 passed the Assembly Health Committee. The bill already has passed the New Jersey Senate. It would enter New Jersey into the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. The Compact would adopt the prevailing standard for licensure and affirm that the practice of medicine occurs where the patient is located at the time of the physician-patient encounter and would therefore require the physician to be under the jurisdiction of the state medical board where the patient is located.

The New Jersey chapter is monitoring the bill.

For more information about state legislative issues, please contact Tina Getachew or Eugenia Brandt. To stay current on state legislative developments relevant to radiology, view the American College of Radiology® policy map.