December 08, 2022

MIDRC Publishes More Than 100k COVID-19 Imaging Studies

‘Annotate Away COVID’ Event Extended Indefinitely

Fueled in part by 61,768 images from 27,276 patients contributed by the American College of Radiology® COVID-19 Imaging Research Registry™ (CIRR), the Medical Imaging and Data Research Center (MIDRC) has now released 105,000 imaging studies to the public to help researchers develop machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools for COVID-19 care. Images are also contributed to MIDRC by the RSNA International COVID-19 Open Radiology Database (RICORD).

As a continuation of the event at the RSNA annual meeting, MIDRC invites radiologists to demonstrate their COVID-19 severity annotation skills and help provide a reference standard for AI algorithms by participating in the “Annotate Away” event.

This COVID-19 severity annotation event on chest radiographs utilizes publicly available MIDRC imaging studies and seeks to build an annotated training set for an upcoming MIDRC Grand Challenge.

Take part in the event from your own computer — the process is fast and straightforward:

  1. Click through these slides or watch this video before you annotate.
  2. Log in to
  3. Complete Google form.
  4. Navigate back to to annotate away COVID!
  5. Track your rankings on our live leaderboard.

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