April 06, 2022

States Deliberate Breast Cancer Screening and Scope of Practice Legislation

California and Tennessee hold hearings on breast cancer screening while New Hampshire holds a hearing that would change the practice agreement for physician assistants (PAs).

Breast Cancer Screening

In California, Senate Bill (SB) 974 will be heard before the Senate Health Committee. If enacted, the bill would require carriers that were issued, amended or renewed on or after Jan. 1, to provide coverage without imposing cost sharing for medically necessary diagnostic breast imaging, including diagnostic breast imaging following an abnormal mammography result. Diagnostic breast imaging would include breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), breast ultrasound and other clinically indicated diagnostic testing.

The California Radiological Society supports the measure.

In Tennessee, House Bill (HB) 2544 will be heard before the Finance, Ways, and Means Subcommittee. If enacted, the bill would require carriers that provide coverage to enrollees 35 years of age or older to cover annual breast screening by all forms of low-dose mammography, including breast tomosynthesis. Additionally, carriers that cover screening mammograms would be required to provide coverage for diagnostic imaging and supplemental breast screening, including breast MRI or breast ultrasound.

The Tennessee Radiological Society supports the bill and worked with the bill sponsors to draft its language.

Scope of Practice

In New Hampshire, SB 228 will be heard before the House Committee on Executive Departments and Administration. Bill sponsors seek to change the practice agreement between a PA and physician to a collaborative agreement.

The New Hampshire Radiological Society is monitoring the measure.

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