April 14, 2023

Maryland Scope of Practice Bills Defeated, Radiology-Related Bills Continue to Be Introduced

Two dangerous scope of practice bills failed to advance in Maryland. Other states continue to address bills that would impact the practice of radiology.

Scope of Practice


House Bill (HB) 727 and Senate Bill (SB) 673 would have allowed physician assistants (PAs) to “perform X-ray duties” without a license.

These bills failed to advance for consideration in this legislative session, which has adjourned for the year. The bills would have to be reintroduced in a future legislative session for consideration. The

Maryland Radiological Society opposed both bills.

Surprise/Balance Billing


House Paper 952 would prohibit healthcare providers from balance billing Medicare beneficiaries for any amount in excess of the reasonable charge for a service, procedure or treatment paid under Medicare.


HB 2001 would mandate that rules regarding training and experience for persons using radiation could not be more stringent than those required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

The Arizona Radiological Society opposes this bill.

Puerto Rico

Senate File 1134 would state that “Any general practitioner who has worked for at least 10 uninterrupted years, full-time in an emergency room and who presents evidence of said practice to the satisfaction of the Puerto Rico Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline may be granted certification as a medical specialist.”

The Radiological Society of Puerto Rico opposes this bill.

South Carolina

HB 4272 would allow advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) to practice without a practice agreement with a physician.


SB 145 would allow APRNs to practice without being supervised by a physician if the Wisconsin Board of Nursing verifies that the APRN has completed 3,840 clinical hours of practice in their recognized role while working with a physician.

The Wisconsin Radiological Society opposes this bill.

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