2022 ACR Annual Report

Welcome to the American College of Radiology® annual report for fiscal year 2022 (FY 2022), July 1, 2021–June 30, 2022.

An Introduction From ACR CEO William Thorwarth Jr., MD, FACR, CEO

I am pleased to present the ACR annual report with positive news for 2022 from the ACR Board of Chancellors, assisted by more than 2,000 volunteers who engaged in the activities of committees, commissions and task forces.

The College remains at the forefront of radiology evolution, empowering and educating over 41,000 members who serve patients and society by delivering exceptional patient care. In FY 2022, the ACR continued to thrive and innovate despite the challenges posed by a rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem and multiple COVID variants.

The ACR accomplished these successes — and others described in this report — while nurturing our relationships throughout the radiology and medical communities. I want to thank everyone, from our Board leadership to our volunteers and talented staff, for their consistent efforts in providing value to members and the patients we serve.

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of both the ACR Radiology Leadership Institute® and the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute® this year. Both of these critically important programs continue to evolve, respectively developing the radiology leaders of the future and creating the research that informs future planning and enables our advocacy efforts.

The ACR Education Center in Reston, VA, reopened in the fall of 2022 and remains the most technologically advanced radiology training facility in the world. With realistic and efficient training taught by world-class radiologists, the Education Center empowers your version of better by offering a self-paced educational curriculum with consistently updated, high-caliber, in-person courses. The center also continues the virtual courses created during the COVID closure — all to equip you with skills for better patient outcomes.

Looking ahead to the 2022 to 2023 academic year, we have revised the training opportunities at the ACR Institute for Radiologic Pathology™ (AIRP®) to better accommodate the needs of our trainees by conducting a mix of three virtual, one in-person and one “hybrid” AIRP course.

Please take a few minutes to read this annual report, which outlines our healthy financial position and demonstrates our commitment to the ACR Mission Statement:

ACR is the voice of our members, empowering them to advance the practice and science of radiological care.

Fiscal Year 2022 Top Accomplishments

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Pie chart illustrating fiscal year 2022 ACR membership: 21,078 practicing members,

Financial Overview

The College maintains its strong financial position. As of June 30, 2022, the ACR had net assets of $180.3 million. Read more »

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