Policies and Statements

Learn the ACR’s position on the important issues currently being discussed in breast imaging.


Are you part of a breast imaging practice? These links will provide most of the information that you need to get started with accreditation.

Appropriateness Criteria

Use the information in these links as guides for making initial decisions about diagnostic imaging and therapeutic techniques.


The BI-RADS® Atlas is a comprehensive guide which provides standardized breast imaging terminology, report organization and assessment structure – a classification system for mammography, ultrasound, and breast MR. Find ordering information, excerpts, and detailed information here.

Breast Imaging Center of Excellence (BICOE)

Learn about this prestigious designation and how your facility can earn it.


Use our links to the ACR Education Department to find what CME is available through the College for mammography and all of radiology.

Practice Guidelines and Technical Standards

Access all of the ACR practice guidelines for breast imaging procedures here.

National Mammography Database (NMD)

Learn more about how your facility can receive semi-annual feedback reports that include comparisons with important medical audit benchmark data.

Patient Information

Do you need information on mammography in nontechnical language? Are you looking for an accredited facility to have a mammogram? Try one of these links.


If you would like to know more about what's happening with (Medicare/Medicaid) reimbursements or have questions about coding, consult these links from the ACR Economics Department.


Check out the newest clinical research on breast imaging being done by the ACR Imaging Network.


ACRIN Ultrasound


Other Links

See what other organizations and the Federal government have to say about breast imaging by using these links.