DICOE Logo - LargeIs your medical imaging getting the recognition it deserves?

Your team can now receive well-deserved recognition for outstanding diagnostic imaging and patient care. The ACR Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence™ achievement is a one-of-a-kind new program that takes your department or practice to the next level of imaging efficiency, safety and quality care.

Reach for the pinnacle of medical imaging care.

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Program Requirements


  • Comprehensive assessment of the medical imaging facility, including structure and outcomes
  • Participation in ACR registries at no cost
  • Ongoing process for self-assessment
  • Recognition that distinguishes your facility to providers, payers, patients and administrators
  • Three-year status
  • Customizable materials for local public relations and marketing

Basic Criteria for Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence

  • ACR accreditation in all modalities provided for which ACR accreditation is offered
  • Dose Index Registry® (DIR) and General Radiology Improvement Database (GRID) participation
  • Image Gently® and Image Wisely® pledges
  • Site survey assessing multiple areas of quality, safety, procedures and personnel by an ACR survey team that includes a radiologist, medical physicist and technologist working with your team members

Areas of Assessment

  • Governance
  • Personnel
  • Facility organization and management
  • Physical environment
  • Equipment and IT infrastructure
  • Radiation and general safety
  • Quality management
  • Policies and procedures
  • Patient rights
  • Medical records