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Membership Eligibility

ACR membership is available to physicians certified in a radiological discipline, certified medical physicists and certain other categories of radiology professionals.
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Membership Dues

ACR Dues Schedule
Active (Board certified) $875   Physicists   $235
Associate (not Board certified) $875     1st year out of residency/fellowship   $120
International Member $345     2nd year out of residency/fellowship    $135
Allied Health/MRI Scientists $240     3rd year out of residency/fellowship    $175
International Member-in-Training $120   Canadian chapter member (non-physicist)*   $440
1st year out of residency/fellowship $70      
2nd year out of residency/fellowship $235        
3rd year out of resident/fellowship $350        
4th year out of resident/fellowship $555        

*Canadians join the Canadian Association of Radiology [CAR] in lieu of joining a chapter. 

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Note: Canadian members join the Canadian Association of Radiologists in lieu of joining a chapter. International members and full-time U.S. service members or USPHS employees are not required to join and pay dues to a chapter. In addition, full-time U.S. service members, USPHS employees and Veterans Administration employees are entitled to a 50% discount.