Commission on Ultrasound

The Commission on Ultrasound is responsible for overseeing issues that relate to the use of imaging with ultrasound. This includes collaborating with the multiple subspecialty organizations whose members perform ultrasound examinations and strategizing relationships between the ACR and allied health professional associations with respect to ultrasound, as well as being a resource for health care professionals in the field of ultrasound. The commission evaluates economic issues regarding imaging with ultrasound and is active in education in ultrasound.

Commission Goals

  • Continue to work with Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography in exploration of the role of advanced sonography assistant/advanced practice sonographer

  • Educate ACR members on ultrasound metrics required to pay for performance incentives

  • Increase the competence of resident training in ultrasound through education

  • Continue to initiate, develop and review ACR practice parameters for ultrasound

  • Monitor efforts to obtain FDA approval of the use of ultrasound contrast agents

  • Monitor turf issues in ultrasound

  • Work with the Commission on Economics to monitor issues regarding ultrasound reimbursement and ensure these are communicated to membership

  • Monitor the issue of handheld ultrasound as a disruptive technology

  • Assist in developing additional web-based ultrasound teaching modules and SAMs for radiologists in practice, including modules on musculoskeletal ultrasound and abdominal Doppler

  • Work with Commission on Quality and Safety to ensure that ultrasound accreditation with the ACR encompasses the ultrasound scope of practice and meets the needs of the membership

Leadership & Staff

Lauren P. Nicola, MD, FACR


Sara Baker



Bryson Daniel Dabney, BS Nirvikar Dahiya, MD, FACR Marielia Gerena, MD
Sujata V. Ghate, MD, FACR Phyllis Glanc, MD, FACR Riya Goyal, MD
Paul Armstrong Hill, MD Jason B Katzen, MD Maitray D Patel, MD, FACR
Eric Matthew Rubin, MD, FACR Summit Shah, MD Roya Sohaey, MD
Jeffrey Waltz, MD Sherry Shuai-Li Wang, MBBS