Military Radiology Committee

Goals and Objectives

To represent, promote and protect Military Radiology's interests and image at the national level while simultaneously increasing awareness and recognition of the unique value created by the military radiologists.

To identify, project and address issues of concern to the US Military Radiology community and provide support to active duty, reserve and veteran military radiologists through their improved participation and representation in ACR's educational, operational and leadership activities.

Military Committee Officers Military Committee Portrait 

Leadership & Staff

Jennifer E Nathan, MD


Peter H Van Geertruyden, MD, FACR


Brad Short, CAE


William Shields, CAE, JD


Julie Huxsoll, MS



Nicolas Cahanding, DO Susan J Carbognin, MD Paul Clark, DO
Paul B DiDomenico, MD Kenneth Alan Griggs, MD Daniel B Hawley, MD
Brandi N Hicks, MD Robert Arno Jesinger, MD, FACR John P Lichtenberger, III, MD
Mohammad Naeem, MD, MBBS, FACR Neris M Nieves-Robbins, MD Justin G Peacock, MD, Ph.D
Kevin Christopher Reilly, MD, FACR Eric A Roberge, MD, FACR Paul Michael Sherman, MD, FACR
Anand K Singh, MD Christopher Vojta, MD

Mentorship Program

The American College of Radiology (ACR) is proud to sponsor a new Military Radiology Mentorship program, which will pair an active duty military radiologist with a prior/retired active duty military radiologist to aid in the transition from military to civilian radiologist. The ultimate goal of this mentorship program is to guide the mentee with respect to both short-term and long-term career aspirations.

The active duty radiologist mentee would submit an initial questionnaire to identify a potential prior/retired radiologist mentor match. The questionnaire will include items such as geographic area of interest, generalist versus subspecialist, practice type (academic, private, corporate, Veterans Affairs, etc.). The questionnaire results will help ACR staff to identify a potential mentor.

If you would like to participate in this program, please contact for further information and to complete your questionnaire.

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ACR is pleased to offer discounts to U.S. Military on membership dues, education products and continuing medical education.

Active Duty Military as ACR Fellows

With multiple permanent changes of station, ACR is the sustainable professional continuity for its members.  Service to the College through volunteer leadership positions, optional membership and service to local chapters as well as the pathway to FACR are just the beginning ways for military members to remain connected to ACR members and continue networking despite frequently moving or deploying.

Fellowship is one of the most prestigious formal recognition awards available to long-time ACR members.  It symbolizes professionalism and exceptional achievement in the fields of diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, radiation oncology and/or medical physics.

ACR members who serve active duty or in the Reserves should refer to the Military Nomination Criteria and the FACR Guidelines for ACR Fellowship rubrics by which candidacy is assessed.  The minimum eligibility requirement is 10 cumulative years of post-training membership. Contact to confirm eligibility.

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