March 14, 2024

Partner With ACR in ARPA-H $100 Million Funding Opportunity to Improve Women's Health Outcomes

The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) recently announced the Sprint for Women’s Health, a funding opportunity for researchers to discover unconventional approaches and innovative ways to push high-impact biomedical research forward to improve women’s health outcomes. ARPA-H intends the effort to fundamentally change the trajectory of women’s healthcare research and radically accelerate the next generation of discoveries. A total of $100 million is available through the effort.

Submissions for a grant are due April 12. Six specific areas of interest that are outlined in the ARPA-H announcement, four that are potentially of interest to the imaging community:

  • Making more care available at home through home testing, monitoring, etc.
  • Ovarian health.
  • Imaging methods that would help assess brain lymphatic function.
  • Other revolutionary breakthroughs.

The American College of Radiology® (ACR®) is interested in working with potential applicants. Interested applicants should contact Charlie Apgar, ACR Executive Vice President, Center for Research and Innovation, or Mike Tilkin, ACR Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President.

For more information on ACR collaborations with ARPA-H, contact Katie Grady, ACR Government Affairs Director.