The ACR Council is the 373-member legislative body of the College that provides a voice to each ACR member though their chapters and governs the College as it establishes policy for all of radiology. Each chapter has one councilor for every 100 ACR members in the chapter. The Council of Affiliated Regional Radiation Oncology Societies (CARROS) – a chapter of the ACR that promotes radiation oncology at the local and regional levels – is designated one councilor.

Five councilors represent the Resident and Fellow Section and two councilors serve the Young and Early Career Professional Section. In addition, ACR councilors assist military services, other federal agencies and 23 radiological societies.

The ACR Council meets annually to establish policy based on recommendations submitted as resolutions during the ACR Annual Meeting. Here, the Council also elects a speaker and vice speaker who serve two-year terms, working to organize the meeting and maintain activities throughout the year.

The Council Steering Committee (CSC), comprised of appointed and elected members, oversees the activities of the Council and represents the Council while it is not in session. Together with the CSC, the Council facilitates communication with chapters, societies with Council representation and the Board of Chancellors.

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