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'Objective Accelerators' Help ACR Move Strategic Plan Forward

The College appointed groups to tackle the first three of 12 priorities to support its theme of “Empowering the Radiologist of the Future.”
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All members will be able to craft their volunteer profile and then apply for an opportunity with just a couple of clicks.

March 01, 2024

In 2023, the ACR undertook three focused efforts to accelerate progress toward the College’s Strategic Plan to support an overall goal of “Empowering the Radiologist of the Future.” Each “objective accelerator” was tailored to support a primary strategic objective. This approach allowed teams to concentrate on three out of 12 identified areas of priority and make substantial progress in a defined time period.

“Convener of Conversations” concentrated on strengthening multidirectional communication. “Organization of Opportunity” was aimed at increasing younger member engagement. “Hub of AI and Emerging Technology Assessment and Advocacy” focused on championing the leveraging and mobilization of emerging technology and artificial intelligence.

Three teams comprised of ACR staff at all levels met regularly over the course of the year. The accelerator teams worked to identify projects they believed would most effectively and efficiently boost their corresponding objectives.

As the year drew to a close, the teams successfully implemented some projects and laid the groundwork for others. While the teams formally concluded their efforts, the work continues through the leadership of relevant departments.

Below are summaries from each of the accelerator team leads. As the ACR looks ahead to 2024, the plan includes development of new accelerators to further drive progress and innovation across the College.

Convener of Conversations

Team Lead: Reina Munsch, VP, Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs

In January 2023, the ACR launched the Convener of Conversations objective accelerator to foster stronger connections with members and the radiology community. The ACR assembled a dynamic cross-functional team comprising staff from Human Resources, Membership, Marketing/Communications and Publications. Together, they brainstormed innovative ideas to be indispensable to members and streamline internal processes, ultimately facilitating transparent communication.

The first milestone in this endeavor was the creation of a cohesive organizational brand. The team worked to design a modern logo, craft an impactful tagline and develop assets that reflect the organization's focused commitment to moving forward together. This rebranding initiative, unveiled in June, not only brought a fresh and contemporary look but also established a unified identity that resonates across all facets of the ACR.

A pivotal component of the objective accelerator was the development of a formalized communication process to address hot topics within the organization. The primary goal was to assess and improve the responsiveness to concerns and areas of interest raised by members. After thorough evaluation and collaboration, the team implemented a systematic approach to promptly identify, understand and effectively address pressing issues. This communication workflow aims to enhance engagement, fostering a stronger sense of community and collaboration among valued members.

In a bid to streamline member inquiries and enhance overall efficiency, the team integrated a ticketing system called Freshdesk into the ACR's communication framework. Previously offering multiple contact options, the organization consolidated communication channels into Freshdesk, which launched in November. This centralized system enables the tracking of trends in frequently asked questions and response times, and it ensures that member queries are resolved promptly. The implementation of Freshdesk represents a strategic move toward optimizing communication processes and elevating member satisfaction.

Organization of Opportunity

Team Lead: Katie Kuhn, Director, Member Services

The ACR is committed to increasing young and early career member engagement by encouraging members to take ownership of and have a voice in College initiatives. The Organization of Opportunity objective accelerator team has worked to identify volunteer opportunities, create a centralized list and develop a volunteer platform that will allow members to access a repository of opportunities.

The platform will have continual opportunities ranging from one-time micro-opportunities to yearlong commitments. All members will be able to craft their volunteer profile and then apply for an opportunity with just a couple of clicks. The interests that members indicate will also be captured so that when future opportunities arise, the members will be made aware and given the opportunity to apply. The volunteer platform is expected to launch by the ACR 2024 Annual Meeting in April.

Hub of AI and Emerging Technology Assessment and Advocacy

Team Lead: Laura Coombs, VP, Data Science and Informatics

The primary objective of the Hub of AI and Emerging Technology Assessment and Advocacy objective accelerator was to champion radiologists as central to leveraging and mobilizing emerging technology and AI. Accomplishing this objective would ideally involve member education and engagement to help members pursue strategies for implementing safe and effective AI and should provide them with the tools to do so.

To that end, as part of this objective accelerator, at RSNA 2023 the ACR introduced two new programs on — Transparent-AI and AI Central PRO — to empower radiologists and practices to access increasingly transparent AI product information and make better-informed AI purchases.

The Transparent-AI program asks manufacturers to disclose detailed product information, including training data demographics and scanner specifications. AI Central Pro further bridges the knowledge gap by providing AI imaging manufacturers the ability to add even more information about their products to the directory, including explanations of product use and value, and their contact information.

Members who attended RSNA were enthusiastic about the new programs. In the coming months, the ACR Data Science Institute® (DSI) will continue to expand to further engage and educate our members by including:

  • Representation of AI platform companies and their portfolios.
  • Expanded categories such as software in a medical device (SiMD), and non-interpretive AI in addition to FDA-cleared software as a medical device (SaMD).
  • Functionality for ACR members to comment and provide insight on products they are using, with appropriate information provided back to the manufacturers.

In addition, the DSI will continue to add educational content and engage members through videos, blogs, and webinars via and the DSI website.

Author David Markovich,  senior business program analyst with the ACR’s Office of Strategy Management & Foresight