Commission on Research

Commission Goals

  • To advance the findings of research being performed in radiology and radiation oncology and incorporate them into clinical practice

  • To encourage and facilitate relationships with industry, government and radiological societies for the purpose of advancing imaging techniques, treatment and ultimately improving patient care and outcomes

  • To expand radiologists’ participation in imaging research

  • To seek opportunities to fund and continuously support imaging research

Leadership & Staff

Pamela Karen Woodard, MD, FACR


Etta D Pisano, MD, FACR


Elizabeth O'Meara, RTT


Sharon Hartson Stine


Charles Apgar, MBA


Danny Hughes, PHD


Christine Davis



Christine Davis Richard Duszak JR, MD, FACR Christian Eusemann
Catherine J Everett, MD, MBA, FACR David Scott Followill, PhD Edward F Jackson, PhD, FACR
Michael V Knopp, MD, PHD Rajesh Krishnamurthy, MD Mitchell Machtay, MD, FACR
David A Mankoff, MD, Ph.D Jonathan E McConathy, MD, Ph.D Alexander M Norbash, MD, FACR
Karen G Ordovas, MD Seth A Rosenthal, MD, FACR Mitchell D Schnall, MD, Ph.D, FACR
Eliot Lawrence Siegel, MD, FACR Jacob Stolk, Ph.D, MBA Daniel C Sullivan, MD, FACR
Max Wintermark, MD