Commission on Human Resources

The Commission on Human Resources is responsible for collaborating and strategizing relationships between ACR and allied health professionals associations as well as being a resource for health care professionals in the field of radiology. The commission evaluates and analyzes the market for radiologist services and assists in providing recommendations related to human resources in the profession. The commission also assesses environmental factors affecting the profession and makes recommendations as needed.

Commission Goals

  • Continued focus on allied health issues in radiology
  • New emphasis on radiologist human resource needs including an annual workforce study on the supply and demand of radiologists
  • Investigation, analysis and recommendations on other issues affecting human resources in the field of radiology

Leadership & Staff

Eric Matthew Rubin, MD, FACR


Meredith Amos, M.Ed.



Maysoon Mahmoud Al-Hihi, MD Evelyn Carroll, MD Chloe MuyChou Chhor, MD
Ivan Manuel DeQuesada, II, MD Elizabeth H Dibble, MD Catherine J Everett, MD, MBA, FACR
Shannon G Farmakis, MD Scott William Gerwe, DO Iris Catrice Gibbs, MD, FACR
Ami Gokli, MD Sameul O Hanif, MD Dianne LaRoche Johnson, MD
Taj Kattapuram, MD Aine Marie Kelly, MD, FACR Devon A Klein, MD, MPH
Yu Liu, PhD Vivian Mai-Tran, MD Malcolm David Mattes, MD
Nina A Mayr, MD, FACR Anh-Vu H Ngo, MD Jay R Parikh, MD, FACR
Thomas Ptak, MD, PhD, MPH, FACR Eric L Rosen, MD Stuart J Sorkin, MD, FACR
Roger T Tomihama, MD Sherry Shuai-Li Wang, MBBS Monica J Wood, MD


As part of our strategic plan to maintain an active relationship with allied health affairs, we are actively seeking volunteers to serve as board members and ACR representatives on committees for the following allied health organizations:

If you are interested in volunteering, please email your CV to