Commission on Government Relations

Commission Goals

The Commission on Governmental Relations is the College’s voice to the U.S. Congress, state legislatures and federal and state agencies and regulatory bodies. The Commission’s goals, in conjunction with the Department of Governmental Affairs, is to influence legislation and regulations to the benefit of patients, the profession and members of the College; to increase radiology’s influence with federal and state government, private payers and to be proactive and aggressive on issues of quality patient care.

Leadership & Staff

Howard B Fleishon, MD, FACR, MMM


Jacqueline Anne Bello, MD, FACR


William T Thorwarth, Jr., MD, FACR


Cynthia Moran


Joshua Cooper


Edward Smith



Kimberly M Beavers, MD Tilden L Childs, III, MD, FACR Allan B Chiunda, MD, Ph.D, MPH
Neil Couchman Davey, MD, MB, FACR, ChB Stephen Louis Ferrara, MD, FACR Kathleen Marie Hintenlang, PhD, FACR
Joshua A Hirsch, MD, FACR Madelene C Lewis, MD Bonnie Lynn Litvack, MD, FACR
Join Y Luh, MD, FACR Anjali Malik, MD Alan H Matsumoto, MD, FACR
Gregory Neal Nicola, MD, FACR Amy Patel, MD Dana H Smetherman, MD, MPH, MBA, FACR
Scott Michael Truhlar, MD, MS, MBA, FACR Paul E Wallner, DO, FACR Dennis William Wulfeck, MD, FACR



RADPAC is the political action committee for The American College of Radiology Association® (ACRA).

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The Radiology Advocacy Network is a group of radiologists across the country who are ensuring that radiology’s voice is heard at the local and federal levels.

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