Commission on Publications and Lifelong Learning


The Commission on Publications and Lifelong Learning is the premier source to meet the lifelong professional development needs of radiologists and other radiology professionals.


The Commission on Publications and Lifelong Learning (CoPLL) is committed to designing meaningful professional development resources and experiences for the membership, inclusive of all career stages and types of practice. Patient input and improved outcomes are priorities integral to program development by CoPLL.

Commission Goals

  1. Continue to perform assessments to identify member needs
  2. Provide educational resources to close gaps in radiologic practice performance
  3. Equip members to meet challenges in areas, such as, but not limited to: AI, data science, policy, and quality improvement education
  4. Prioritize physician well-being, leadership, and advocacy collaborations
  5. Produce educational resources for a broad audience, including medical students, residents, radiology professionals, inter-disciplinary team members, and patients

Leadership & Staff

Lori A. Deitte, MD, FACR


Priscilla Jennings Slanetz, MD, MPH, FACR


Elizabeth Bleu


Raina Keefer



AIRP Advisory Committee – Ana P. Lourenco, MD, FACR, Chair

Education Center Advisory Committee – Jeffrey P. Kanne, MD, FACR, Chair

ACR Bulletin Editorial Advisory Group – Kirang Patel, MD, Chair

Subcommittee on Publishing Ethics - James H. Thrall, MD, FACR, Chair

DXIT Committee - Rakesh D Shah, MD, FACR, Chair

TXIT Committee - Kilian Salerno, MD, Chair

RadExam Editorial Board - Petra Jane Lewis, MBBS, FACR, Chair

Subcommittee on Case In Point - David Robert Pettersson, MD, Chair

Subcommittee on Continuous Professional Improvement - Harris Luther Cohen, MD, FACR, Chair

Radiology-TEACHES Advisory Board & Editorial Board – Karla A. Sepulveda, MD, FACR, Chair and Marc H. Willis, DO, MMM, FACR, Chair

Strategic Planning & Compliance Committee – Daniel R Karolyi, MD, PhD, Chair

Subcommittee on CME and SAMs Compliance - Julie Bauml, MD, Chair

Subcommittee on Measurement & Assessment - Paula Yeghiayan, MD, Chair

A Legacy of Learning: CoPLL from 2018 to 2024

This report highlights six years of activities within the commission. With resources for medical students, residents, and practicing radiologists, ACR offerings for lifelong learning continue to expand and create opportunities for member involvement. 

Read the report

Keeping you up to date on professional development news and lifelong learning opportunities in radiology.

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