Commission on Breast Imaging

The Commission on Breast Imaging addresses issues related to breast imaging and breast imagers including development of Practice Parameters and Technical Standards and Appropriateness Criteria as well issues related to screening and government regulation.

Commission Goals

  • Provide scientific response to both medical and lay media regarding breast imaging issues
  • Work closely with the Society of Breast Imaging
  • Continue to maintain Mammography Saves Lives campaign
  • Continue to expand resources on breast imaging on the ACR website
  • Continue to update Appropriateness Criteria topics and Practice Parameters and Technical Standards
  • Provide talking points for government relations and staff for legislation related to breast imaging practices
  • Continue to expand the number of Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence in collaboration with the Commission on Quality and Safety

Leadership & Staff

Stamatia V Destounis, MD, FACR


Krista M Bush, MBA, RT, (R), (CT), (M)



Margaret Fleming, MD Cindy Lee, MD Bethany Niell, MD, Ph.D
Priscilla Jennings Slanetz, MD, MPH, FACR Roberta M Strigel, MD

Breast Imaging Resources

Breast imagers, use these informative and instructional resources to provide effective, safe, quality care to patients.

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The BI-RADS Atlas provides standardized breast imaging findings terminology, report organization, assessment structure and a classification system for mammography, ultrasound and MRI of the breast.

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