lirads_166The ACR Lung CT Screening Reporting and Data System (Lung-RADS™) is the product of the ACR Lung Cancer Screening Committee subgroup on Lung-RADS. This system is a quality assurance tool designed to standardize lung cancer screening CT reporting and management recommendations, reduce confusion in lung cancer screening CT interpretations and facilitate outcome monitoring.

The table below contains Version 1.0 of Lung-RADS and contains the assessment categories and management recommendations. A complete lexicon and atlas will be developed soon. The atlas will include a description of a medical audit and outcome monitoring process. The lexicon of lung cancer screening CT terms and the reporting format are meant to standardize the language used in lung cancer screening CT reports. In particular, the consistent use of the assessment categories will help clinicians understand disposition of their patients based on lung cancer screening CT and aid in auditing lung cancer screening CT practices and programs. Knowing how we perform will help to identify deficiencies, facilitate research and be of practical value in taking better care to avoid adverse medicolegal consequences.