The RFS Nominating Committee is pleased to recommend the following nominations for election at the 2017 RFS Annual Meeting:

Vice Chair/Chair Elect
Naiim Ali, MD
Joseph England, MD
Daniel Ortiz, MD

Christopher Mutter, DO

AMA Delegate & Advocacy Liaison
Andrew Klobuka, MD
Travis Smith, MD, MS
Monica Wood, MD

Communications Officer
Junaid Aslam, MD
Kimberly Beavers, MD
Andrew Huang, MD

Education Liaison
Dania Daye, MD, PhD
Stephane Desouches, DO
Christopher McAdams, MD
Michele Retrouvey, MD

Radiation Oncology Representative
Meghan Macomber, MD, MS
Steven Seyedin, MD
Joshua Walker, MD

Intersociety Committee Representative (2 of 4 candidates will be elected)
Christopher McAdams, MD
David C. Mihal, MD
Shafik Wassef, MD
Margaret Wong, MD, MEng

Resident Nominating Committee (One representative from each region will be elected)
Eastern States Representative
Humberto Mendoza, MD
Taemee Pak, MD
Yayone Rivaud, MD

Central States Representative
Jamie Williams, MD

Western States Representative
Tucker Fischbeck, DO

Candidates will give a 2-minute speech at the 2017 RFS Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 20. Voting will open online at 5:00PM on May 20. Only RFS members in attendance at the meeting will be able to cast a ballot. Election results will be announced on Sunday, May 21 at 10:00AM, at the close of the RFS meeting.

Full information for all candidates is included in the RFS Election Manual.