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About the Chapter

The Massachusetts Radiological Society, Inc., (MRS) was founded in 1965 and incorporated in 1969. MRS is a statewide association for radiologists, radiation oncologists, physicists and radiology residents.

Since its incorporation, the chapter has been devoted to the socio-economic interests of its members and is dedicated to advocating for and providing continuing education for radiologists and their patients in Massachusetts. The Society continually assesses regulatory issues and their impact on patients and the profession of radiology.

The MRS currently has over 1,200 members, including residents and fellows.


2016 - Division D - Award for Excellence in Membership
2004 - Division A - Award for Excellence in Communication

MRS Officers

President: Bruce Gardner Stewart, MD 
President Elect:     Maryellen R.M. Sun, MD  
Vice President: Rodrick A Williams, MD
Secretary: Samuel D Madoff, MD 
Treasurer:  Priscilla Jennings Slanetz, MD, MPH, FACR


E Kent Yucel, MD, FACR
Deborah Levine, MD, FACR
Ilse Castro-Aragon, MD BSc
Kaushal B Mehta, MD
Maryellen R.M. Sun, MD
Neel Madan, MD
Raymond W Liu, MD
Jennifer C Broder, MD
Philip Arthur Rogoff, MD, FACR
Christoph Wald, MD, PhD, FACR
Rodrick A Williams, MD
Bruce Gardner Stewart, MD
Samuel D Madoff, MD

Alternate Councilors

Jeffrey J Greenberg, MD
Richard J. Hicks, MD, FACR
John S Dubrow, MD, FACR
Nicolas Argy, MD, JD
Martin William Fraser, MS, FACR
David Bindman, MD
Phillip M Devlin, MD, FACR
Priscilla Jennings Slanetz, MD, MPH, FACR
John Emory Mignano, MD
Sharon Jane Kuong, MD
Sanjay Kadandale Shetty, MD, MBA
Scott F Cameron, MD
Florian J Fintelmann, MD
Jalil Afnan, MD

Contact Information

Massachusetts Radiological Society, Inc.
860 Winter Street
Waltham, MA 02451
781-434-7313 Main
781-893-2105 Fax

Main Contact
Virginia DuLong
Chapter Administrator
860 Winter Street
Waltham, MA 02451
781-434-7313 Main
781-893-2105 Fax

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Members can join the MRS independently or through the ACR. We strongly encourage interested radiologists to join both organizations.

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