April 12, 2019

Get More Out of TMIST with Increased RA Time

Is your institution-assigned research assistant (RA) not spending enough time enrolling patients into TMIST? If so, it may be time to request full-time dedicated RA support.

Due to the size of TMIST — 165,000 patients — there is actually opportunity for greater total compensation to your institution from TMIST than from many other clinical trials:

  • The number of people who can take part in TMIST is far greater than for many treatment or industry studies which may often total 1,000 patients or fewer
  • You can enroll more patients in TMIST — leading to higher overall compensation — even if per-patient payment is lower
  • The average break-even point to cover one full-time RA dedicated to the trial is 5 patients per week — allowing TMIST to more than pay for itself

If the issue is that your site may need to hire an RA for the trial in order for you to open the trial, TMIST will soon provide an advance of up to $30,000 to select facilities to help immediately hire a research assistant (RA) to serve as an on-site coordinator.

  • This RA can handle TMIST administrative duties and avoid added responsibility for existing staff
  • This advance will be charged back as patients are accrued, exams are provided, biospecimens are contributed and follow-up information submitted
  • TMIST reimbursement, over time, can more than pay for the cost of this added position
  • Preference for this advance may be given to those facilities in traditionally underserved areas

TMIST staff will be happy to discuss in more detail. Simply email TMIST@acr.org.