“The Imaging 3.0™ program is a mechanism by which radiologists can take on more responsibility for their own future. It is a tool that gets us out of simply sitting in a room interpreting scans, and lets us be leaders who can actually shape our role in the new health care delivery and payment system. That will become more and more important as cost savings continue and as the government demands more of us. Having a guideline and tools such as those in the Imaging 3.0 program are extremely important to help us transition to the future of imaging.”
- Harry Agress, Jr., MD, FACR

Now more than ever, the radiology community must be prepared to actively guide the development of new business models and to demonstrate their value in new payment and delivery systems. Imaging 3.0 is radiology’s roadmap for the transition from volume-based imaging to value-based imaging care — and quality and safety are at its center.