RADPEER is a simple, cost-effective process that allows peer review to be performed during the routine interpretation of current images. After submission of practice data to the ACR, the group chair or medical director can access the reports online at any time.

The reports provide:

  • Summary statistics and comparisons for each participating physician by modality
  • Summary data for the group by modality
  • Data summed across all RADPEER™ participants
The RADPEER Process

RADPEER is a web-based program that allows submission of scores and acquisition of reports through a secure web site. If, during interpretation of a new examination, there are prior images of the same area of interest, the interpreting physician will typically form an opinion of the previous interpretation while interpreting the new study. If the opinion of the previous interpretation is scored, a peer review event has occurred.

The report of the previous interpretation is scored by the reviewer using a standardized four-point rating scale. The process requires no additional interpretive work on the part of the physician beyond what is currently being done.

Groups will have a unique identifier number, assigned by the ACR. To maintain confidentiality, groups will assign each participating physician a numeric identifier to use when RADPEER information is submitted to the ACR. The actual names of the participating physicians will not be provided to the ACR. In addition, physicians will also create a unique password at time of first login to the system. The group administrator (Chair/Medical Director) will have access to individual and group reports and will be able to review and print these at any time.