The NMD leverages data that radiology practices are already collecting under federal mandate by providing them with comparative information for national and regional benchmarking. Participants receive semi-annual feedback reports that include important benchmark data such as cancer detection rates, positive predictive value rates and recall rates. Comparison measures are calculated by:

  • Physician
  • Facility
  • Physician group

Participation in the NMD is free to Breast Imaging Center of Excellence (BICOE) facilities.

To register for participation in the NMD see our Registration Process and Fee Structure to begin.

BCSCNational benchmark data provided by the NCI-funded Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium are used for comparisons with facility data in the semi-annual reports provided to NMD participants. BCSC sites are working in concert with NMD. All BCSC sites are welcome to participate in NMD.

The American Board of Radiology has qualified the NMD registry as meeting the criteria for practice quality improvement (PQI), toward the purpose of fulfilling requirements in the ABR Maintenance of Certification Program.

NMD-Certified™ Software Partners
approved for NMD 3.0 (BI-RADS® Atlas, 2013 ed.)


NMD-Certified™ Software Partners
conditionally approved for NMD 3.0 (BI-RADS® Atlas, 2013 ed.)


NMD-Certified™ Software Partners
approved for NMD 2.0 (BI-RADS® Atlas, 2004 ed.)



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