The NRDR quality databases have been in existence since 2008 and provide benchmarks comparing facilities and physicians to the database as a whole and to other similar facilities.

Some of the measures included on our submission list have been in use since early 2008 (CTC True Positive Rate and CTC Clinically Significant Extracolonic Findings Rate). Measures ACRad 1 – ACRad 23 have been in use since 2011.

All reports contain comparisons to all facilities in the registry. Most reports also contain comparisons to similar facilities, such as facilities of the same type, in similar locations, and in the same geographic region. Breast imaging measures report on comparisons to other registry participants and on comparisons to benchmarks.

Sample reports illustrating peer comparisons are listed below.

CTC measures: By facility | By physician

Mammography measures: By facilityBy physician

Dose index measures for CT exams

Lung Cancer Registry measures

General Radiology Improvement Database measures

PQRS measures: Physicians can view their performance on an interactive portal as they submit data. Prior-year benchmark values from CMS are provided in a pdf document on the same page as the performance measures.