R-SCAN Web Portal: How to Enter Data and Generate Reports

You have two options for generating baseline and post-education reports. Choose your data entry method based on the number of cases to be reviewed for the baseline and post-education project phases and whether you chose a standard topic or practice-defined topic. We recommend reviewing at least 25 cases for each phase of the project. Log in to R-SCAN

Option 1: Use the R-SCAN Portal (manual entry)

This method uses the browser-based CareSelect portal to enter each case manually. Each registered topic on the “Enter Cases” page includes a description of the CareSelect “pathway” to help users select the correct clinical scenario for each topic. Entering Case Data PDF.

Benefits: Straightforward and easy to use, especially for practices working with a small baseline and post-education data sets of 25 to 50 cases each.

May be burdensome for projects involving a large data set since cases must be entered one at a time.

Download instructions for option 1 »

Option 2: Use an Excel Template (bulk entry)

If you wish to bulk-upload retrospective data, you can enter your cases into an Excel file. A template is available for each R-SCAN topic, or a template can be created for practice-defined topics. Enter data by selecting indications and exams from drop-down lists specific to the chosen topic. Certain fields will auto-populate.

Benefits of uploading data via Excel

  • Easy to import a large numbers of cases
  • Ability to add an extra field if you wish to track more data than required (e.g., exam positivity, referring physician’s name)

You must look up appropriateness ratings for each exam in the Appropriateness Criteria table.

Excel templates are listed below by topic.