RLI-RFS Webinar Series: Trends in Corporatization

This is a two-part informative webinar series focused on corporatization and the impact to radiology residents. The faculty will discuss the basics of corporatization, trends, differences between physician- and corporate-owned practices, questions to ask during interviews, and what happens to contracts once a private practice is bought by a corporation.

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RLI-RFS Webinar Series: Trends in Corporatization (Part 1)

Tuesday, April 14, 7–8pm ET

Faculty: Howard Fleishon, MD, MMM, FACR and Frank Lexa, MD, MBA, FACR

Howard Fleishon, MD, FACR
Howard Fleishon, MD, MMM, FACR
Frank Lexa, MD, MBA, FACR 

In part 1 of this two-part series, Drs. Howard Fleishon and Frank Lexa will talk about corporatization including a brief primer, questions to ask during an interview to ascertain if a practice is in the process of being bought out, and trends to be aware of in the radiology industry. This is a unique opportunity to hear and discuss how this trend is impacting the profession and early career radiologists.

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RLI-RFS Webinar Series: Trends in Corporatization (Part 2)

Tuesday, May 26, 7–8pm ET

Faculty: Larry Muroff, MD, FACR and Dan Ortiz, MD

Larry Muroff, MD, FACR
Dan Ortiz, MD 

In part 2 of this two-part series, Drs. Larry Muroff and Dan Ortiz address the potential impact of corporatization on early career radiologists, as well as the attitudes young radiologists have toward this phenomenon. The faculty will also cover the differences between independent private practices and national corporate entities, including the potential benefits and pitfalls of both types of practices.

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