Power Hour Webinar

January 2019: Achieving Alignment with the Healthcare System

Faculty: Jonathan Breslau, MD, FACR & Carolyn Meltzer, MD, FACR

Description: How can your department better understand its place within the larger health care ecosystem? How can your team work more synergistically with other departments? Hear from expert faculty how to navigate these integrations in both academic and community-practice settings and receive practical tips on how to overcome tensions and find balance within internal/external cultures.


This webinar included time for Q&A. One attendee asked, “How can Imaging Departments/Groups approach their hospital systems?”

Dr. Breslau responded, Radiology groups whether independent or not, may be aware of quality metrics that hospital systems and medical groups are trying to optimize. There are few metrics that involve imaging departments, expect for breast cancer screening. For the most part radiologists have breathed a sigh of relief that they are part of what is being measured. This thinking may be correct in the short term, but, over time radiology groups will be benefitted from being included in payments at risk for performance. Those items will be the ones that draw attention and resources from the medical group or overall system, especially if the pressure increases to achieve with dollars attached. I would go so far as to say that imaging departments should look for ways that their performance can be measured at the system level within a pay-for-performance model.

Key Takeaways

Radiology/System Alignment

  • Ensure physician accountability (individual and group)
  • Aligned incentives with system goals (Shared risk)
  • Prioritize patient experience
  • Engaged workforce
  • Decreased turnover, high satisfaction

Alignment with Hospital Requires

  • Adaptability
  • “Bifocal Vision”
  • Proactive innovating on patient care issues

Recorded Webinar

Faculty Bio



Jonathan Breslau, MD, FACR
Medical Director
Sutter Imaging, Sutter Health



Carolyn Meltzer, MD, FACR
Professor and Chair of Radiology
Associate Dean for Research
Emory University School of Medicine


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