Leadership Challenges — Sessions

Contrarian Perspectives on Value in Healthcare: What Is It and Why Is It So Elusive?

Value has become the Holy Grail in health care, but defining it and providing it remains elusive to most radiologists. This session will focus on defining value from a broad range of stakeholder perspectives, including examples from other non-health care industries. Attendees will be exposed to new ways of identifying, defining, providing, and measuring value that will prepare them for innovative new payment and delivery models.

Case Studies 1: Breakouts for Academic and Private Practice Radiologists

Friday, July 20 — 9:15–9:30am
The New Practice President’s Inheritance — A Case Study

This case focuses on common problems confronted by practice leaders. These include: succession planning, eroded skill sets, problematic radiologists, quality programs, national radiology company competition, and practice policies. Questions have been provided for registrants to discuss and answer.

Learning objectives:

At the conclusion of this session, registrants should be able to:

  • Discuss common problems facing radiology practices
  • Incorporate into their practices proactive means of dealing with issues and opportunities
  • Describe QA/QI options that are appropriate for radiology practices

New Payment Models: How to Invert the Half-Empty Glass

The pace at which Medicare and private payers are imposing new payment models on health care providers can at times seem dizzying. This session will review the evolution of physician payment systems, and highlight opportunities for radiologists to find success under current fee-for-service as well as emerging pay-for-performance and risk-bearing payment models. Attendees will be introduced to terminology, ideas, and concepts of emerging payment models that will prepare them to adapt as payment policy evolution continues.

The 2018 Elections and Radiology

One of the biggest leadership challenges for radiologists is navigating the intensely complicated political climate on Capitol Hill ― a culture that directly impacts the current and future practice of imaging. RADPAC® will provide an update on how legislative proposals and the November elections could have historical implications for the profession.

Thinking Outside the Box

This talk will deal with big ideas that can change the specialty and/or enhance the opportunities available to radiology practices. Big-box and specialty-box radiology will be discussed, as will issues of alignment and proactively protecting your practice.

Learning objectives:

At the conclusion of this session, registrants should be able to:

  • Describe how big ideas can and have changed the specialty
  • Discuss the pros and cons of alignment and the opportunities it presents to radiology practices
  • Implement strategies to protect the practice and enhance its ability to function as part of a health care team

Case Studies 2: : Breakouts for Academic and Private Practice Radiologists

Saturday, July 21 — 9:30–10:30am
Private Practice — A Case Study

This breakout session will present a challenging scenario that combines several critical issues that leaders in private practice are facing in 2018. Participants will work on a complex situation that presents multiple threats and opportunities simultaneously. Participants will have the chance to learn from leading faculty and from each other as they analyze the crisis and then develop solutions to optimize the outcome.

Evidence-based Policy: The Intersection of Research and Advocacy

The American College of Radiology has a stellar track record of advocating on behalf of radiologists and their patients, but as the healthcare industry continues to grow, the requirements for successful advocacy have expanded dramatically. Funding campaigns alone is no longer sufficient, as legislators and regulators increasingly seek evidence to support policy and advocacy recommendations. Attendees will be introduced to the various advocacy efforts of the ACR and the sundry health policy research activities that increasingly support that work.

Negotiation Exercise for Academic and Private Practice Radiologists

This team-oriented session will allow participants to hone their negotiation skills and apply strategies to tackle a specific practice challenge. Teams will learn to see and evaluate the problem from all sides and will work both to avoid destructive negotiation mistakes and to develop advanced negotiating strategies and tactics.

Crisis Leadership

For some leaders, it may feel like they are constantly navigating crisis. These are no longer rare in our profession. They can come in financial, political, organizational and legal forms as well as many that defy easy classification. Everything from mergers to EMR implementations to personnel issues can create a crisis. We will talk about how to head off crises in the first place. The best crisis is the one that you prevent. We will also discuss how you prepare for crises in order to minimize their impact. Finally, we will do a walk through simulation of a crisis and how you can break it down into stages and tasks in order to come through successfully.