September 10, 2020

Meet the New Amis Fellows for Quality and Safety

Each year, the E. Stephen Amis, Jr., MD, Fellowship in Quality and Safety provides an opportunity for two radiology or radiation oncology residents to discover insights and gain experience with the ACR Department of Quality and Safety.

Please see below insights from the 2020 Amis Fellowship in Quality and Safety recipients:

Scott J. Adams, MD, Resident Physician, Department of Medical Imaging, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

“Radiology plays a tremendous role in improving patient care and population health, and a commitment to quality and patient safety can further increase the value of medical imaging for our patients. The E. Stephen Amis, Jr., MD, Fellowship in Quality and Safety is a tremendous opportunity to grow as a leader in quality and safety, providing fellows with increased capacity to lead quality and safety initiatives within their department and health systems and make valuable contributions to the specialty of radiology.”

Akriti Khanna, MD, Diagnostic Radiology Resident, Imaging Institute, Cleveland Clinic

“Our healthcare system is on the verge of two paradigm shifts: first, the transition into value-based purchasing models; and second, the eruption of artificial intelligence not only in imaging but also across all realms of clinical medicine. In order to survive beyond the fee-for-service era, we as radiologists must pioneer ways to decrease cost, improve measurable quality and drive efficiency. Beyond simply automated image segmentation, artificial intelligence has the potential to help propel positive changes to healthcare delivery. Fortunately for the radiology community, the ACR has positioned itself on the forefront of these paradigm shifts, and I am thrilled to learn more about the broader quality and safety discourse that occurs on a national level, while also gaining a more intimate understanding of the various facets within the organization.”